Our Vision

Gatlin: Our Vision

For Worship: Since all of life is before the face of God, we emphasize worship as a priority of life, not just something to be done once a week on Sundays. Congregational worship at Gatlin is intentionally God-centered and guided by the Bible as we try to understand what God Himself has revealed there about the ways that He is to be worshipped.

For Building Up the Church: In order to grow in our faith as followers of Christ we are committed to disciplining our lives by the Word of God. Teaching the Bible is a high priority at Gatlin and sound doctrine is very important. We are a confessional church, believing that God’s truth should not only be studied and understood but also expressed as clearly as possible. We encourage each other to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ through fellowship and a commitment to praying with and for each other. At Gatlin we follow the Reformation model in seeking to be a church that is reformed and always reforming according to the Word of God.

For Evangelism: At Gatlin, we are committed to proclaiming the biblical Gospel in all its fullness. We proclaim the exclusivity of Christ as Lord, affirm the obligation of everyone to repent and believe the Gospel, and call on everyone we have opportunity to evangelize to do so immediately. We are committed to spreading the Gospel around the world by cooperating with other churches in supporting missionaries and praying that God will call out from among our membership many who will serve as missionaries.