Opportunity to increase your pastors growth

Many have asked how individuals and the church as a whole can help the growth of your pastors, whether through giving for seminary classes, conferences, books, etc. Currently an opportunity has presented itself for Pastor Whitehurst to go to a conference with other local pastors. This Together for the Gospel conference has a packed schedule and features speakers and panels including many faithful biblical preachers.

This opportunity will encourage, strengthen, sharpen, discipline, and further sanctify Jared as he comes together with other pastors to be fed by God’s Word!

What can you do??
1. Pray. Pray for the fellowship of local pastors and the teaching and expounding of the Bible.

2. Give. 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 speaks about giving to the Lord, specifically being a cheerful giver. If you feel called to give above and beyond your normal giving to provide for this opportunity please denote it in your giving or contact Derek at derek@gatlinbaptist.com for further information. Please note this is not designated funds, this will be to let the elders know how much reimbursement was provided.

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